Ground Support


Drillcube supply and service a full suite of geotechnical products. We support our clients with onsite pull testing and have the capacity to co-develop new products, to fit your specific and customised needs.

All our products are QAQC certified to international standards and manufacturing processes and are third-party tested to ensure strict compliance. 

Some of our products include:


Underground hard rock mining and tunnelling operations continue to experience an increase in unpredictable seismic events. Drillcube has developed a market-leading adaptive ground support solution proven to perform under dynamic and seismic rock conditions. This solution has worked for multiple customers globally in some of the harshest underground environmen

The Drillcube D47 MECHBOLT™ is a (47 mm) friction bolt strengthened with a 20 mm bar and wedge configuration at the upper end. When completely inserted and turned at the bottom end, a series of wedges engage and securely fasten the bolt in the rock.

The Drillcube D47 MECHBOLT™ offers easy installation and visual identification, with coloured discs at one end of the bolt indicating bolt length. Three lengths available.

Friction Stabiliser

Drillcube Friction Stabilisers provide immediate frictional support at the face and can be installed with either handheld or mechanized equipment, which can be post grouted with cement grouts for additional load bearing if required.

Extensive quality control processes including inhouse testing throughout the manufacturing process. Easy and fast installation process with the benefit of immediate load bearing capacity.


ROKLOK™ bolts have a 1.6t working capacity and can easily support the weight of a twin 55kW fan with just 4 bolts plus chains Jumbo install time on ROKLOK™ is minutes not hours. Service crew can hang the fan with simple chains also in minutes reducing down-time by up to 80%. This apply to other items too such ladderways bogger stops, conveyor belts and more.

Safelock™ Service hangers

Our Designed by mining professionals, the Drillcube SAFElockTM service hanger is constructed from 6mm Galvanized steel that can outlast your mining operation.

The hanger can be mounted any angle thanks to multiple anchor points.

Color coded safety saddles increase visibility on energized lines. The SAFElockTM latching system will ensure service lines are always fully secured keeping people safe.

Perfect for best practice housekeeping and safe working systems in your operation.

The Full Range

Whatever you need, we’ve got. Download our Ground Support Brochure below to see more.